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Aparitii la momentul mortii

Creat de Cosmin_Visan, Martie 15, 2019, 04:05:16 PM

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Page 174, Case #310: A reverend Fagan, his cousin Christopher, and a Major Collis all heard the name "Fagan" called from a source they could not determine. Two of them said the voice was like the voice of Captain Clayton. The next morning a telegram arrived saying that Captain Clayton had died on the same day and hour as the voice was heard, from an accident while playing polo.

Page 178, Case #312: Georgiana Polson reported seeing a woman who she thought was "something unnatural" and exclaimed, "Oh, Caroline." The woman was dressed in black silk "with a muslin 'cloud' over her head and shoulders," and was seen to glide fast and noiselessly. At the same time, a "little nursery girl" was terrified of going into a room where she saw a similar strange figure, "in black, with white all over her head and shoulders." Gorgiana later found that Caroline had died on the same day the apparition was seen.

Page 179-180, Case #313: A son was awoken in the middle of the night by a feeling of terror. His mother said that on that night she had seen an "apparition" of Susan appear in her bedroom. After feeling a cold chill, the mother fainted. It was soon found that Susan had died unexpectedly (apparently on the same night).

Page 182, Case #315: A Mr. de Guerin reported that in 1854, he saw something that "appeared like a thin white fog, a misty vapour....after a few moments I plainly distinguished a figure which I recognized as that of my sister Fanny." He said "the vision seemed to disappear gradually in the same manner as it came." He later learned that "on the same day my sister died – almost suddenly." Mr. de Guerin immediately mailed a description of what he had seen to another sister, Mrs. Elmslie, who lived far away; "but before it reached her, I had received a letter from her, giving me an almost similar description of what she had seen the same night, adding 'I am sure dear Fanny is gone.' " She reported that the apparition disappeared. 

Page 227, Case #340: While in England, the mother of W.L heard a mysterious voice which the mother identified as the voice of her son, who was in America. The voice, also heard by her husband, said, "As I cannot come to England, mother, I have come now to see you." It was later found that the son had died on the same day.

Page 235, Case #345: A Mrs. Cox was told by a nephew that he had just seen his father (Mrs. Cox's brother), who was thought to be far away in Hong Kong. Mrs. Cox told the boy this was nonsense, but then saw the same apparition of her brother. She reported that the apparition called her name three times. She soon found out that her brother had died on the same day the apparition was seen.

Page 241-242, Case #349: In 1845 while at college Philip Weld died in a boating accident. The president of the college immediately set out to travel to the father of Philip to deliver the bad news. Arriving the next day, he was surprised to hear the father say that yesterday he and his daughter had recently seen Philip walking between two persons, one wearing a black robe. "Suddenly they all seemed to me to have vanished," said the father. Later, the father saw a portrait that he identified as one of the men who he had seen with the apparition of his son. The portrait was of a saint who had died long ago.

Page 248-249, Case #352: At quarter to 7 on July 11, 1879, Samuel Falkinburg observed his son exclaim "Grandpa!" Samuel looked up toward the ceiling and "saw the face of my father as plainly as I ever saw him in my life." Soon thereafter he found out that his father died on July 11, 1879, at quarter to 7.

Page 259, Case #357: Seeing something strange while in America, John Sherbrooke exclaimed, "God bless my soul, who's that?" Colonel Wynyard said, "That's my brother, John Wynyard, and I am quite certain he is dead." Later "a letter from Mr. Rush, the surgeon, announced the death of John Wynyard at the moment, as near as could be ascertained, when the figure appeared." Two and a half years later John Sherbrooke saw someone who he thought resembled the figure he had seen when the "apparition sighting" occurred. The man turned out to be a man who looked so much like John Wynyard that he had often been mistaken for him.

Page 449-450, Case #485: While in Russia, a man saw an apparition of his fiance who was in England. He saw a kind of bluish vapor that turned into the form of his fiance. The apparition "seemed to melt away into the vapour, which also disappeared." The man then found that his fiance "died of inflammation of the brain, on the same day, and about the same time,  as I mentioned having seen the apparition."

Page 451-452, Case #487: When she was a young girl, a woman saw her brother by her bedside, looking wet. When she called his name, the figure vanished. She later learned that her brother had died in India, of drowning in wet quicksand.

Page 452-453, Case #488:  While in Gloucester, England a William Garlick saw an apparition of his brother, who was far away heading for the East Indies. The apparition seemed to slowly fade away. William later found that his brother had died, and said "the date and hour of his death, as nearly as could be calculated,  coincided exactly with that of his appearance to me."

Page 453-454, Case #489:  A Mrs. Nind said that she saw next to her bedside the figure of her father-in-law, who spoke a few words and then disappeared.  She soon found that her father-in-law had suddenly died about eight hours earlier.

Page 455, Case #491:  On the morning of her father's death, a Mrs. Clarke said that she saw at her bedside an apparition of her father, which appeared for five minutes.  Her father died in another location.

Page 456, Case #492:  A Mrs. George Gordon saw an apparition of her father, who was far away in India. Months later she received word from India that her father had died on the same day.

Page 458, Case #494: H. Atkins reported that while at sea he saw a crew member who said that he saw his mother on the deck.  H. Atkins told the man that this was quite impossible.  The crew member later learned that his mother had died "that very night."

Page 459, Case #495: In America, George Waddington awoke to find the figure of his great aunt in front of him.  "She died early that morning," said George, and the death occurred in England.

Page 460-461, Case #498: Mrs. Chermside said two lovers were parted when the man announced he had to take troops to Canada.  One night the woman (E.B.) saw the man in her bedroom, apparently dressed in "grave clothes."   She asked why he was dressed that way, and he said, "Do not laugh; this is my new uniform."  According to Mrs. Chermside, "A month later she received word that he had died on that very night, and that the last word he uttered was her name."

Page 462, Case #500: On December 18, 1872 a woman saw her husband appear, and "he as suddenly disappeared."  She later received a "letter by the Australian mail" that her husband had died on that very day.

Page 473-474, Case #509: A Mrs. Sprauge awoke at about 3 o'clock on June 14, 1868 to find her mother at the foot of her bed. Rising up from the bed, Mrs. Sprauge then found her mother was gone. She later received a telegram saying that her mother had died far away.  Upon questioning the nurse, Mrs. Sprauge found that her mother had given her "last sign of life" at the same hour and day as the apparition, dying three days later.

Page 474-475, Case #510: A Samuel Mendicott saw an Archbishop appear at the foot of his bed. He later found that the Archbishop had died at the same hour and day.

Page 475-476, Case #512: A man saw at his bedside a Mr. Mercier,  who "showed me the left side of his head, all bloody, and covered with his brains." The figure "ascended, as it were, through the ceiling."  A day or two later the newspaper reported that Mercier had died. Further inquiry showed that he was struck on the left side of the head by a church bell. 

Page 486, Case #523: A Mrs. B reported that her father had come down one morning, saying that a certain male, known to be sick, had appeared at his bedside. Later she found out "he had died at the same hour that my father had said he had a visit from him."

Page 694, Case #696: On a Sunday R. Markam Hill reported that a man rushed into the room he was in. Hill reported that the "apparition"  disappeared, and that he thought the man was his uncle. The next day a telegram came announcing the death of his uncle on that Sunday.

Page 695-696, Case #697: A man's wife woke her husband to report an intruder in her bedroom at about 1 AM, but the man could not be found.  The next work day the man found out that a Mr. Z. had died at about 1 AM, the same time the wife's report was made. When the man said he had some sad news to report to his wife, the wife said she knew it was that Mr. Z had died, for that was the one who she saw in the bedroom.

Page 703, Case #702: A Mr. Griffin reported that he woke up and saw an old lady friend of his, who spoke to him.  He later "heard of the old lady's death, at the same date and hour," receiving notification by mail.

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