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Anyone in the world with a computer can contribute to research at CERN. Through the LHC@Home project, volunteers can offer up spare computing power to simulate and process collisions happening inside the Large Hadron Collider.

CERN recently improved the program with a new feature that helps scientists monitor the system that distributes work among volunteers’ computers. But the new feature is not the work of a CERN employee; it is the work of a college undergraduate who had the chance to work with CERN through the 2012 Google Summer of Code.

Google Summer of Code started in 2005 and is available to any organization that makes their code free for all. Google accepted CERN as a mentoring organization in 2011. It was the only physics laboratory that participated in 2012.

Pe 14 februarie, LHC a fost oprit pentru o perioadă de 2 ani. A "Long Shutdown 1" (LS1).

Pe 14 martie 2013, CERN anunta ca noua particula nu mai este o particula "ca si un boson Higgs", ci o particula "un boson Higgs". Mai multe la topicul despre bosonul Higgs.,204.msg58567.html#msg58567


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